Bertha Mabel Rusler Chase

Fred & Bertha Chase Wedding

Fred & Bertha Chase Wedding

Bertha Mabel was the sixth child of Michael and Augusta Rusler.  She was born February15, 1885 in York Nebraska.  She married Fred Chase about 1907 and they had a farm in Algernon, Custer, Nebraska.  Their daughter Mary was born March 31, 1913.  They had a second daughter eleven years later in 1923 named Lillie Genice.  My Grandma Mabel was named after her Aunt Bertha.  Bertha died May 15, 1967 in Arcadia, Valley, Nebraska and Fred died in 1950.

Mary and Earl Sterns

Mary and Earl Sterns

Mary Augusta Chase married Earl Sterns late in life and as far as I have been able to tell they had no children.  Mary died January 1, 1972 and is buried in the Mason City Cemetery, Custer County, Nebraska.  In the 1940 census before Mary and Earl had married, Earl was living with Fred Burtzloff.

Mary and Lillie Genice Chase

Mary and Lillie Genice Chase

Lillie Genice Chase married Fred Burtzloff.  The Burtzloffs’ had several children.  Edward, Barbara, and Lillie Mae.  Lillie Genice Chase Burtzloff died August 5, 1995 in Broken Bow, Custer, Nebraska.

Copy of 6-Fred & Bertha Chase Bertha 80 on 2-14-65 Pearls sis

Mary Chase

Mary Chase

Mary Chase

Mary Chase

Fred, Bertha & Mary Chase

Fred, Bertha & Mary Chase

Fred& Bertha Chase

Fred& Bertha Chase

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George D Rusler

The fifth child of Michael Anthony and Augusta Wilhemina Rusler is George D Rusler.  George was born April 9, 1882 in York, Nebraska.  He died November 3, 1892 at the age of ten.  I don’t have any other information about him.  I have seen a picture of him in a coffin with his parents standing on either side.  Someday I hope to have a copy to add to this post.  I can’t imagine the kind of pain his death caused his family.  The cause of his death is on my list of things to research next time I am in York, Nebraska.  If anybody reading this has more information about George I would love to see it.

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Tuesday’s Tip – 31 to the rescue

I am an organizing freak.  There, I admit it.   I love office supply stores.  I like to have my stuff organized and I really like organizing products.  I recently found a home party company I loved so much I had to become a consultant.  Thirtyone gifts is the name.  I admit, I signed up mostly to get the great products, but I also enjoy selling them.  You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with Genealogy?  I am glad you asked…Genealogy research can get very cluttered – not only do you need to keep all files on ancestors, the copied records, archived documents, old pictures and etc… in order but you also need to stay organized when you are on the road doing research.  And I love that I can get such great quality organizing products and not only do they match but they are cute too!  So here are some great 31 products that I love for my genealogy stuff.  There are a bunch of patterns to choose from.  If you love the look and want to get some of your own check out my website:

Fold-And-Go Organizer is great for taking notes on the go with a pocket for pens and a zipper pocket to hold your reading glasses.

Fold-And-Go Organizer is great for taking notes on the go with a pocket for pens and a zipper pocket to hold your reading glasses.

Organizing Utility Tote with a Fold N' File inside is great for keeping your files in order on the road.  Lots of pockets for all your extra stuff!

Organizing Utility Tote with a Fold N’ File inside is great for keeping your files in order on the road. Lots of pockets for all your extra stuff!

Flat Iron Case makes a pretty portable scanner case

Flat Iron Case makes a pretty portable scanner case

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Matrilineal Monday – McConaughy family

I don’t have as many stories to write about my maternal ancestors.  Mostly because my Aunt Terri has done such a wonderful job researching this line that I haven’t had to put quite the amount of work into it as I have on my  paternal line.  Because of Terri I know some really cool things about this side of my family.  Like the fact that I descend from a Mayflower family, and that on this branch alone I have over ten (I think she has found 14 actually) American Revolution patriots.  This information took my Aunt Terri alot of time and research to prove and I am so thankful to her. It is great to have another genealogist in the family.   But now I need to go back and use the records she has shared with me to find the stories behind the facts.  So I am going to spend some time each week getting to know one of my maternal ancestors and then write about him/her every Monday.  Maybe I can even get Aunt Terri to share some stories of her own.

Stay tuned next Monday for a little story about Beryl Catherine Richert, My Great Grandma.

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Census Sunday – Another Example of my Tangled Tree

It wasn’t until I took a good look at this 1920 census for District 51, Anaheim, California that included my third great grandparents’ on my maternal side that I realized another tangled branch on my tree.  Gerhard & Helena Siefken were living at this time with their daughter and her family on a ranch in Anaheim.  The daughter’s married name was Helena Clodt.  Clodt…wait…that’s a name I’m familiar with.  My second great grandmother Louisa Scheel Siefken married  Ferdinand Clodt after her first husband, my great great grandfather Diedrich Siefken died.  Diedrich was the son of the Gerhard & Helena Siefken I had found in the census.  But Ferdinand, her second husband, had an older brother named George Clodt who married Diedrich’s older sister Helena.  Until I saw this census I hadn’t realized the connection on both sides but thanks to’s new “merge duplicate people” feature I can fix this parallel line much more quickly than I could have in the past.

1920 Census District 51, Anaheim, California

1920 Census District 51, Anaheim, California

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I have been nominated for my first Blog Award!!


Today I got nominated for my first blog award!  Deborah Sweeney of did me the honor of nominating me.  Thanks Deborah!

The rules for this award are similar to several others:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. (check…see above)

2. Nominate 15 blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award, link to their page, and leave a comment notifying them of the  newly bestowed honor. (check…see below)

I just recently started following and reading other genealogy blogs, so I am not sure I have fifteen but here goes:








8.  I will have to find some more and post them here later.

The last thing is to share seven things about yourself.  Here goes:

1.  I have been interested in family history for as long as I can remember.

2.  I love to write posts on my blogs and I check the stats several times a day to see if anyone else reads them.  It really makes my day when someone likes, or even better, comments on one of my posts.

3.  I am a beginner in the blogging world and really need to learn how to publicize, link and add other stuff stuff to my blog…like instagram or flickr.

4.  I also help my husband run two donut shops (I do all of the bookwork, payroll, etc) plus we have 4 children – 19, 17, 8, and 2.  The 8 year old I homeschool and the 2 year old is a full time job.  Which means…

5.  I stay up later than I should just to do genealogy and write on my blog.  

6.  I have all of the plans in my head to write a Family History book and My American Family History Curriculum…just need the time to get it done.

7.  The only thing I don’t like about living in Oklahoma is that I have no real family history here.  My parents moved here when I was in Kindergarten.  The only relative that is here now is my sister and her family, everyone else lives out of state. 

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Sibling Saturday – Tracy/Watt/Boblett Connection

Here is a fun sibling marriage puzzle from my family tree:

My great great grandfather John Edward Tracy (1832) married Maria Artlysia Boblett (1839).  He was the seventh child of ten children of Joshua and Rachel Dilworth Tracy.  His older sister, Ann (1822) married Isaac Watt (1819) in 1842.  One of Isaac and Ann’s sons was Isaiah Washington Watt (1846). Isaiah married Maria Artlysia Boblett Tracy’s younger sister Mary Lovisa Boblett.   Got that? So Maria Tracy’s sister Mary Lovisa married Maria Tracy’s nephew in law.  And John Edward Tracy’s older sister was his sister in law’s mother in law.  Needless to say I have a lot of distant Watt relatives but none of them are ancestors.

I did some research on Isaiah and Mary Lovisa Watt though because they have an interesting story.  They not only homesteaded with their children in York, Nebraska but they also came to Oklahoma for the land run, homesteaded the required three years there, left that land in the hands of one of their sons and went home to York County.  At one point some of the family moved to town in Nebraska so the kids could go to school and at another point Isaiah actually taught school.  They were a very hardworking family and the essence of “pioneer”.

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