Friday Funny – Newspaper clippings my Grandma kept

Here are some newspaper clippings my Grandma McConaughy kept.  I have no idea how old they are but they all hold true today, especially The Lazy Man’s Psalm.


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Those Places Thursday – K+J Hardware Store

K&J Hardware (Grandma Jean in front)

K&J Hardware (Grandma Jean in front)

My maternal grandparents owned a small hardware store in a very small town in the 1970s.  In fact, the hardware store was really a general store.  I remember every time we came to visit grandma and grandpa if we arrived during the day we always stopped at the store first and Grandma always let us have a soda and/or some candy.  I have fond memories of that store. Of

Inside the store with grandma in the 1970s.

Inside the store with grandma in the 1970s.

course if we missed going to the store we always knew Grandma had popsicles in the freezer.

One of the reasons I have fond memories of that building is that after the store closed we lived in it for a year, 1980.  My grandparents still owned the building and our family moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Morley, Iowa for a year.  We lived in the upstairs apartment and used the downstairs as a music room, storage room, and play room.  That was one of the best years of my childhood.  I still tell people I would love to live in Iowa.  I realize now that I am adult I loved it there mostly because my grandparents lived nearby along with a bunch of other family.  The town only had 3 parallel streets, a couple churches, an old school gym

The building 2009 (Liz and I in front)

The building 2009 (Liz and I in front)

and playground, a post office, firestation, and library.  When I say small I mean very small.  But I loved living in that town.  We had freedom to roam and roam we did.  Both churches in town had outhouses and we used those whenever we had to go when we were playing outside.  The library was right next door to our house, it was only open a couple days a week and I loved hanging out there. Best of all grandma’s house was a straight shot up the street (and I mean up – uphill that is).  My brother and I used to walk/ride our bikes up to grandma’s all the time.  Man, that was a great year!

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Wordless Wednesday – My mom is going to Kill me!


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Tombstone Tuesday – Rusler Tombstone through the years

Rusler Tombstone sometime in the 20s or 30s?  Rusler family around includes Bertha & Fred.

M.A. & Augusta Rusler Tombstone sometime in the 20s or 30s? Rusler family around includes Bertha & Fred.

Rusler Tombstone long ago.

Rusler Tombstone long ago.
M.A. & Augusta Rusler Tombstone 2012

M.A. & Augusta Rusler Tombstone 2012

Michael Anthony & Augusta Rusler - 2012

Michael Anthony & Augusta Rusler – 2012

Council Cemetery, York, Nebraska

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Amanuensis Monday – From Mabel to “Friend”

I found this letter mixed in with a box of letters written by Manuel Martinez to my Grandma Mabel.  Mabel and Manuel were college sweethearts who wrote letters back and forth for over a year after teacher’s college ended.  Manuel lived and taught in Antonito, Colorado while my grandma lived and taughtin York, Nebraska.  Most of the letters in the box were from Manuel to Mabel but this letter was in my grandma’s handwriting and looks like part of a letter she wrote to Manuel but never mailed.  They continued to correspond for another six months so perhaps she received a letter from him before she mailed this and decided not to mail it.  I like this letter because it reminds me poetic soul my grandma had.  It also give me a glimpse into who she was as a young lady.

“York, Nebraska

October 1930

Dearest Friend,

       Once again I don’t know why I do but I do and I promise myself that this is the last time if I don’t hear from you again for this is the fourth one I’ve written since I’ve heard from you and why should I keep tormenting you.  There is, no doubt, a good reason for your silence.

       I try to pretend that I have given up hearing from you yet I still ask if there is any mail for me.  Sometimes I think the mails must be robbed but I know that you know my York address.  I used to think it would be nice to write every so often but it sure is H-E-double agony to be always expecting one and never getting it.  I’m not blaming you at all and I know that something is the matter.  I have done or said something to offend.  (Isn’t it just like me?)  Well, whatever it is I know that you are or were very angry (and I don’t blame you) or you have had a change of mind.  (at least a partial change, Is it not so?  It is.)

       You used to write of somethings I couldn’t understand and I didn’t ask ’cause I didn’t want you to know how dumb I really was.  Now I don’t care.  See.  One was – Love without knowledge – Is that what you say?  Well whether you do or you don’t anyway – ‘Love without knowledge‘ What does it mean?  Is it like a very deep love I have seen – A girl I know, knew and loved a man too and he swore to her that his love was true.  She’d ne’er professed hers because people would say ’twas better for her to stay out of his way.  Yes, people talked to her, talked, preached and sang; preached of ‘love with knowledge’ until her head rang.  They’d tell her the wrong and they’d tell her the right till her very soul knew an endless fight.  Her heart or her head – now – which should choose?  They kept on in turmoil till she had the blues but was her love false or was it true?  That I keep wondering same as you.  Why did her heart hurt when he wasn’t glad?  When he didn’t smile why should she be sad?  Why should she long for a letter a day when her ‘once on a time lover’ was far away?  Why does she sit and dream of him yet when it was so easy, she tho’t to forget. (Nix, never) She didn’t make him love her I’m thinkin’ just now but he did make her love him and I can’t tell you how.  Now, he has forgotten, Dear Father above pray calm the poor hearts that have known but pure love.  Dear Father guard over our hearts in this life and keep us from all earthly turmoil an dstrife.  The wintry blasts of earth may come and uproot the flowers of love and to the four winds of the earth throw each tender shoot but even then the severance of fleshly ties unite thought, me thinks, more closely to God for the struggling heart is supported by love until it ceases to sigh over the world and begins to unfold its wings for Heaven above.  Our love then is not vainly poured forth even tho’ it meet no return or we think it doesn’t.  “Thru love our natures are elevated and enriched” So comforting but awful hard to ‘carry on’ at times.  Oh yes I rave on and on but I promise you —– Gee if you really are trying to forget I mustn’t keep this up.  I would be a friend forever but even at that a friend isn’t necessarily a pest.  Perhaps a friend should let a person think & not keep bothering.  I feel that you are having a good time and I certainly don’t begrudge you anything like that for I have been anything but a cheering friend the last three months.  Can’t say I’m having a good time but I guess life is what we make it and I must suffer for my own follies.  I hope not forever tho’.  But even at that it isn’t necessary for my friends to suffer with me so from this minute I am going to “right bout face” and change the scowling wrinkles on my brow (which you have not seen_ to lines of laughter and am going to pretend I’m gay anyway.  ‘Laugh it off!” And since I don’t seem to hear from you (whatever the cause)



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Sunday’s Obituary – Mary Artlysia Boblett Tracy Forbes

This is my great great grandmother Tracy’s obituary.  I love the last couple sentences here and hope someday people can say this about me.

“To her death had no terrors, and with a strong faith in Him she had served for years she passed away.  Mrs. Tracy was an exceptionally kind and loving wife and mother.”

Mary Artlysia Boblett Tracy Forbes Obituary

Mary Artlysia Boblett Tracy Forbes Obituary

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Sorting Saturday – iPhoto faces

I have recently been moving all of my genealogy pictures to my laptop iphoto program.  Over the years I have somehow duplicated many of my pictures and they aren’t really in very good order, nor do they all have good titles, etc…  Last summer I made slideshows for the reunion and it was much harder and took much longer than it could have been.

Iphoto has this “face” tagging system that I am trying to make you of. I have sorted all of my picture out by family group and now I am going through deleting duplicates, titling, and tagging each one.  As there are over 6,ooo right now I is going to be a long process.  But the hope is that when I am done I will be able to easily make slideshows, find pictures for the blog, attach them to ancestry, etc…

The funny thing about tagging family with iphoto is that it tries to guess the person after awhile and the people it chooses are sometimes very funny.  I have to look closer to find the resemblance but it usually there.  A couple time it even mistook my sister for me and I don’t think we look much alike.  It really gets this confused with baby pictures.  I think this is a fun aspect of an otherwise tedious chore.  Of course I am also able to get more familiar with each picture which is helpful in remembering them later.

Last week I wrote about how important it was to digitize old photos and that is the first step.  The next step, also very important, is to sort them and definitely title them!  You don’t want some descendant deleting pictures because they have no idea who is in the photo or why you kept it.  Just like the importance of writing a description on the back of the picture has always been, so too is it to now title and tag your digital pictures.

Along with my digital picture sorting project I am also integrating jpeg source files.  I keep them in a separate event album but Title them to the person they are about so that when I research or write about that person I can use the find feature and not only see all the pictures they are in but also all the source documents I have on them.  I have had several relatives ask me for copies of documents and this will make it easier to make CDs  for those that want information – Pictures and sources together.

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