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Sunday’s Obituary – The Death of a Child

As a mother myself, when I hear about the death of a child it brings terror to my heart.  It physically hurts to think about a child dying.  I have been thinking about this alot today because a young girl … Continue reading

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‘Life’s a Journey’ – Movie Memories

My movie memories as a kid and teen were all about the music.  I grew up watching “Oklahoma” live every year at Discoveryland.  My mom and I watched “The Sound of Music” every year when it came on TV.  And … Continue reading

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Motivation Monday – Working on someone else’s family tree

Sometimes I get bogged down in the branches of my cumbersome family tree.  I am way past the easy swinging from branch to branch that often happens at the beginning; where you find your grandparents and from there just start … Continue reading

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Surname Saturday – Ward

I have found our branch of Ward’s to be a frustrating branch to research.  Beside’s the fact that Ward is a common name, my husband’s line liked to move around.  It wasn’t hard to get back to his great great … Continue reading

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‘Life’s A Journey’, Week 5 – Teenage Crush

I don’t remember having alot of crushes as a teenager.  I was more of a reader than a movie or music fan.  But I do remember one crush.  For a long time my favorite show was MacGyver, and I liked … Continue reading

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‘Life’s a Journey’ Family Stories – Bestest Friends

I have never been the girl with a group of friends all hanging out together. I usually have a few close friends and hang out one on one. I have several friends I have kept in contact with since childhood. … Continue reading

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I ain’t dead yet

Originally posted on SaveEveryStep:
Mother’s Day cometh. My eldest son just turned 12. My millennium baby has managed to suck up 12 years of my life without me hardly noticing the time pass. Was there even a life before Motherhood?…

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