Sunday’s Obituary – Charles Gotcher

Car wreck kills father, wife no where to be found.

Car wreck kills father, wife no where to be found.

Car Hits Viaduct Pier

Gotcher, 3217 Franklin Street, died at St. Joseph’s hospital at 10:10 o’clock last night from a fractured skull received when a car in which he was riding with Carl Carlson, 3215 Franklin street, crashed into the center pier of the Burlington viaduct on Thirteenth street at 9 o’clock last night. Carlson’s auto was going north on Thirteenth street at the time of the accident.

Both men were extricated from the wreckage by Lawrence Scabio, 1814 North Eighteenth Street, who reported the accident and had the men taken to St. Joseph’s hospital. Carlson was severely cut and bruised.

At the hospital last night Carlson was too dazed to tell how the accident happened.

According to Mrs. Carlson, Gotcher is survived by a widow and four children, but police were unable to find Mrs. Gotcher last night to tell her of the accident. Neither did Mrs. Carlson know where Mrs. Gotcher could be found.

Gotcher’s body was taken to Heafey & Heafey undertaking parlors pending arrangements for the funeral.

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