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Tuesday’s Tip – 31 to the rescue

I am an organizing freak.  There, I admit it.   I love office supply stores.  I like to have my stuff organized and I really like organizing products.  I recently found a home party company I loved so much I had … Continue reading

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Matrilineal Monday – McConaughy family

I don’t have as many stories to write about my maternal ancestors.  Mostly because my Aunt Terri has done such a wonderful job researching this line that I haven’t had to put quite the amount of work into it as … Continue reading

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Census Sunday – Another Example of my Tangled Tree

It wasn’t until I took a good look at this 1920 census for District 51, Anaheim, California that included my third great grandparents’ on my maternal side that I realized another tangled branch on my tree.  Gerhard & Helena Siefken … Continue reading

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I have been nominated for my first Blog Award!!

Today I got nominated for my first blog award!  Deborah Sweeney of did me the honor of nominating me.  Thanks Deborah! The rules for this award are similar to several others: 1. Thank the person who nominated you and include … Continue reading

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Sibling Saturday – Tracy/Watt/Boblett Connection

Here is a fun sibling marriage puzzle from my family tree: My great great grandfather John Edward Tracy (1832) married Maria Artlysia Boblett (1839).  He was the seventh child of ten children of Joshua and Rachel Dilworth Tracy.  His older … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – Newspaper clippings my Grandma kept

Here are some newspaper clippings my Grandma McConaughy kept.  I have no idea how old they are but they all hold true today, especially The Lazy Man’s Psalm.

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Those Places Thursday – K+J Hardware Store

My maternal grandparents owned a small hardware store in a very small town in the 1970s.  In fact, the hardware store was really a general store.  I remember every time we came to visit grandma and grandpa if we arrived during … Continue reading

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