Thankful Thursday – In Search of Family Stories

Frank and Fannie Rusler Wedding Photo

Frank and Fannie Rusler Wedding Photo

This post is written with Thanks to Susan Murphy.  I have finished writing about Michael Anthony Rusler and Augusta Erxleben’s ancestors so now I turn my “pen” to writing about their children.  My problem has been that I don’t have alot of information about their children.  Maria Sophia Rusler Tracy was their oldest child and my great grandmother and I have quite a bit of information about her but I am going to first start with the rest of the children as they will be shorter posts.  Frank Rusler was the next eldest child.  I didn’t have very much information about him other than a few vital statistics until Susan Murphy, his great granddaughter and my third cousin, contacted me through  I was able to meet her last summer in York, Nebraska at the Tracy Rusler reunion.  Through her I was able to glimpse a bit into the life of the Frank Rusler family.  I hope that she will read this post and add more stories and facts about her family.

Frank E Rusler was the second child and first son of Michael and Augusta Rusler.  He was born October 25, 1876 in Ogle County, Illinois.  He was very young when the family moved to the farm in York County, Nebraska where he lived the rest of his life as a farmer.  In 1901 at the age of 25 he married Fannie Buzzard.  The next year they had a daughter, Millie Amanda Rusler was born January 22, 1902 in York County, Nebraska.

Millie Amanda Rusler

Millie Amanda Rusler

In December of 1914 tragedy struck, Frank caught his hand in a corn shucker and died December 28th of lockjaw.  He was only 38 years old and his wife, Fannie was pregnant with their second child.  She had a son, Frank Sylvester Rusler, June 9, 1915.  Fannie remarried while was Frank S was still young to a Milburn A Moss.

Franks Sylvester Rusler

Franks Sylvester Rusler

Millie married Sumner Washburn Burnham and had a daughter, Bernadean Berniece, in 1921.  Bernadean was only about 5 years younger than her uncle Frank Sylvester.  Susan, is Bernadean’s daughter.  Frank Sylvester married Mary Baine but they had no children.  Susan and her children and grandchildren are the only direct descendants of Frank and Fannie Rusler.


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