Tombstone Tuesday – Joseph Rusler

Rusler Children - Earl

Rusler Children – Earl

For this Tombstone Tuesday I am sharing the Rusler Children Marker and tombstones from the Council Cemetery in York County, Nebraska.  In the middle of the cemetery in the middle of an overgrown bush is a marker that reads Rusler Children.  On the side of it is the name Earl, who was one of the twins who died in infancy.  His sister, Pearl, lived a long life

Joseph Rusler

Joseph Rusler

nearby.  Near this marker are two tombstones; one for Charley (Charles) and the other for Joseph who is the subject of my next sketch.

Joseph Rusler

Joseph Rusler

Moving on to the next Rusler sibling, Joseph Michael Rusler was the fourth child of Michael and Augusta Rusler.  He was born February 9, 1881 in York, Nebraska.  He married Sylvia Elsie Duncan in 1903.  They had five children: Harold (1904), Imogene (1907), Kenneth (1912), Evelyn (1914) and Joseph(1916).  On the 1910 census Sylvia and her along with Harold, Imogene and an unnamed infant were living in Algernon, Custer, Nebraska.  Joseph was a farmer.

Joseph, Sylvia, Harold, Imogene, Kenneth, Evelyn

Joseph, Sylvia, Harold, Imogene, Kenneth, Evelyn

Joseph died March 30, 1916 in York, Nebraska, which means that Sylvia was pregnant with their youngest son, Joseph Michael, at the time of the father’s death.  The younger Joseph was born October 8, 1916.  I do not know the circumstances of Joseph’s death, he as only 35, and someday I hope to find more information about him.



Sylvia remarried at some point and her last name was Dezarate when she died January 13, 1981 in Anderson, California.  Harold Allen Rusler, the oldest son, was born September 24, 1904.  He married Genevieve and they had a son named Gerald Lee in 1929.  Harold died, April 25, 1991 in Riverton, Wyoming.  Imogene Jane was born March 29, 1907.  She married first, Chester Bishop and had four children.  Then she married Francis Dougherty and had two.  Lastly, she married Edward Fralicker.  She died September 19, 1962 in San Francisco, California.  Kenneth I Rusler was born February 12, 1912.  He married Vivian Fuller.  I do not have information about any children they might have had.  He died February 15, 1996  in York, Nebraska.  Evelyn was born in 1914 and died in 2007 – that is all the information I have on her.  Joseph Michael was born October 8, 1916.  He married Eva and they had a daughter, Patricia Jo Anne in 1939.    He died October 2, 1996 in Anderson, California.


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