Tuesday’s Tombstone – Liol Rusler

May Rusler Tracy youngest bro Liols grave 8 8 42 in Hollister

Okay, So I don’t have a tombstone picture of Liol Rusler but I think I have a picture more rare – a gravesite picture.  Somehow my grandmother acquired this picture of Liol’s gravesite in Hollister, California in 1942.

Liol Rusler

Liol Rusler

Liol Otto Rusler was the youngest son of Michael Anthony Augusta Wilhemina Erxleben Ruser.  He was born August 6, 1895 in York, Nebraska when his mom was 40 years old.  He was the 10th child but he never knew two of his siblings as they died before he was born.  He was only eight when his dad died while they were living in Custer County, Nebraska.  He moved with his mother back to York – Bradshaw where they lived in a little house in town.  In the 1910 census he lived here with his mom and sister Pearl and a boarder named Manly Barr who was a horse dealer.  Liol’s WWI draft registration give his description as medium height and build with brown eyes and dark brown hair.  Liol married Anna Viola Anderson in 1915.  She was born March 4, 1899 in Iowa City, Iowa.  They bought a small piece of property in Bradshaw from his mom for $500 and were living there in the 1920 census.  At this time they had two daughters, Helen (1916) and Violet (1918).  By 1930 the family was living in Mason City, Custer County, Nebraska and Liol was a truck driver – hauling freight.  His mother had died in 1927.  His family had grown quite a bit: Marvin (1920), Erma (1923), Elsie (1925), Darlene (1926), and Martin (1928) had joined Helen and Violet.   I figure at some point while he was hauling freight he visited California because by the 1940 census the family was living in Pajaro, Monterey, California on Highway 101.  At this point Liol is working for the WPA doing flood control.  They have also added to the family bringing their total to 14.  Donald (1930-1930), William (1931), Barbara (1932), Jean (1935), Patricia (1937), Frank (1938), and Richard (1940).  Liol died August 3, 1942 in Hollister, San Benito, California just three days shy of his 47th birthday.

Ideas for further research:  What did Anna do after Liol’s death – she had quite a few young children to take care of.

Liol Rusler, Olive and Bryce Tracy, and Pearl Rusler

Liol Rusler, Olive and Bryce Tracy, and Pearl Rusler

Pearl, Liol, Will (in back) and  Bertha Rusler

Pearl, Liol, Will (in back) and Bertha Rusler


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