Surname Saturday – Woolman

IMAG0208Amanda Tracy married a man with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Granville Woolman was the sixth child of Benjamin and Lydia (Hobaugh) Woolman.  Benjamin and Lydia were born in Ohio.  They had ten children in all.  Granville Benesot Woolman was born in Osceola, Clark, Iowa on February 24, 1859.  The family lived in Freemont, Iowa during the 1860 and 1870 census and Benjamin was a farmer.  By the 1880 census they were living in York, Nebraska.  This is where Granville and Amanda met and were married in 1884.  Their first child, Bessie Leona, was born in 1885 in South Dakota so I can only imagine they moved there soon after their wedding to start a new life.  But by 1886 when their second child, Clarence, was born they had moved to Julesburg, Sedgewick, Colorado.  Granville’s parents were living here and his father, Benjamin, died in Julesburg, July 5, 1890.  The Granville Woolman family continued to live in Julesburg until around 1908.  Granville operated a successful meat market and hide trading business and later was mayor of Julesburg.

One of Granville’s brother’s was a merchant in Lake Charles, Louisiana and by 1910 Granville had moved his family to Lake Charles.  He immediately opened a general store.  They owned a home at 1030 Pujo Street which is still standing and part of the National Historic Registry in that area.  I will write another post about this house.  By 1920 they had moved into a home at 430 Hodge and they ran this home as a bed and breakfast.  This house was featured in an earlier post. (insert post link)  Granville and Amanda lived in this home until their deaths, hers in 1952 and his in 1955.

Woolman Family - Missing youngest

Woolman Family – Missing youngest

Granville and Amanda had five children: Bessie Leona (1885), Clarence G (1886), Jessie May (1890), Charles Warren (1894), and Lee Wesley (1898).

Bessie was born March 9, 1885 in South Dakota.  She married George Pridgen and they had at least one son, Robert Woolman Pridgen born 1910.  Bessie died July 26, 1934 in Lake Charles and is buried in Orange Grove Cemetery there.

Clarence G was born October 7, 1886 in Colorado, probably Julesburg.  Clarence married Pearl Doan in Louisiana in 1908.  Pearl was born 1889 in Alabama.  They had three children: Elizabeth 1912, Roy Lee (1915), and Butch (1917).  By the 1920 census the family had moved to Beaumont, Texas where Clarence was an automobile salesman.  Clarence died January 12, 1953 and is buried in Orange Grove Cemetery in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

be113fb4-e67f-49bf-be8c-d12513cdb56fJessie May Woolman was July 18, 1890 in Julesburg, Colorado.  She married  Ray F Harlan before 1920 but by 1930 they are divorced and Jessie lives with her parents.  I don’t find that she ever married again.  She died June 25, 1960 in Texas and is buried in Graceland Cemetery.

Charles Warren, born July 27, 1894 in Julesburg, Colorado was the fourth child of Granville and Amanda Tracy.  By 1930 he is married to Effie C Trammel and they are living in his parents boarding house.  Effie died March 6, 1933.   Warren soon  marries Gladys Dugas, born 1912,  and they have a son, George.  Charles Warren died in Lake Charles, August 25, 1969 but his wife Gladys is still alive (at least up to 2012).

Lee Wesley Woolman

Lee Wesley Woolman

The last child of Granville and Amanda was Lee Wesley, born in Julesburg, Colorado on December 13, 1898.  By 1920 he is living in Jefferson County, Texas and working as a Chauffeur.  In the 1929 directory he is a mechanic living in Beaumont, Texas and married to Hester Curry(1897).  They have a daughter, Betty Lee.  The family lived in Stockton, San Joaquin, California in 1935.   The 1940 census lists Lee and his wife as proprietors of a tourist home in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  The home is called “The Abbott” and is at 825 Broad.  It seems Lee was following is his parents’ footsteps.  Lee died April 30, 1970.  Hester died October 1, 1975.

There are still a few Woolman descendants living in the Lake Charles, Louisiana and Beaumont, Texas areas.  This family is mentioned in many records that talk about the history of Lake Charles as well as the history of Julesburg.  They were instrumental in settling new towns and helping them grow.6c840264-5e8d-4357-8d78-a40faf9bbc29


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  1. I love all the great pictures you included.

  2. Rosanna Ward says:

    Thanks. I feel very lucky to have so many to share.

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