“Life’s A Journey” family stories series

I have been inspired by the blog “SaveEveryStep” to blog and link up weekly with her blog about family memories.  I am way behind and so will try to post several posts a week until I catch up.  Here is her summary of the series.

“As you know by now, my obsession is the preservation of our family stories and memories for future generations.  Our children are unlikely to ever ask us about our past until they themselves feel a sense of mortality, by which time it may well be too late, as I found to my cost. The photographs of family times past may sit in their box, but they lack narrative and context which I am unable to provide since I was either too young to remember the occasion, or simply not there.

It is a parent’s obligation to capture for safe-keeping the memories which we make with our children each and every day as they grow and learn. Our legacy for them, all laid out in pictures and words.”

In this series:

Rosanna with mom on porch of boys' dorm

Earliest Baby Photo

3rd grade

School Picture

Elementary School

Deb and me

Bestest Friend

Teenage Crush

Movie Memories


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