Amanda Tracy Woolman

Amanda E Tracy

Amanda E Tracy

The fourth and youngest daughter of John Edward and Maria Artlysia Tracy was Amanda Elizabeth Tracy.  She was born June 16, 1863 in Ohio.  She married Granville Beneset Woolman in 1884 in York, Nebraska.  They must have immediately moved to South Dakota because their oldest daughter, Bessie was born there in March of 1885.  By 1886 when their next child, Clarence, was born they were in Julesburg, Colorado. Most of Granville’s family was there already.  The rest of the children were born in Julesburg as well; Jessie(1890), Charles “Warren” (1894), and Lee Wesley (1898).  In Julesburg, Granville owned a meat market and traded in hides.  He also became mayor of Julesburg at some point before 1910.  Some of his family, possibly a brother, had moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana and was asking Granville to move there.

Mrs. & Mr. Woolman

Mrs. & Mr. Woolman

The Woolman family was living in Lake Charles by 1910.  The owned a large house at 1030 Pujo Street and Granville owned a Grocery Store at 1131 Broad Street.  That home is still standing and is now on the National Historic Registry.  Dr. Joe Cash and his wife bought it and renovated it in the 1980s.  It was also featured on the HGTV show “If Walls Could Talk” and the story I heard, which I have been trying to verify, is that the upstairs has a mystery extra room with a window but no door or evidence of a door ever having existed.

Amanda Woolman

Amanda Woolman

By the mid 1920s the Woolmans’ had moved into a large home at 430 Hodge.  This they ran as a boarding house.  The 1930 census has their boarders listed.  By this time their five children had grown up and moved out.  Granville and Amanda lived in this home until their death.  Amanda died April 18, 1952 at age 88 and Granville on April 3, 1955 at 96.  They led a full and enterprising life.

Amanda Woolman

Amanda Woolman

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Tombstone Tuesday – Amanda Woolman

Amanda E Tracy

Amanda E Tracy


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Amanuensis Monday – Pictures from Amanda Woolman

"The Oaks"  Woolman home in Lake Charles, LA

“The Oaks” Woolman home in Lake Charles, LA

Lake Charles LA Dec 18-1936

This is “The Oaks”  The home of  G.B. Woolman & family 430 Hodges St. Lake Charels LA.  This was taken the middle of November this year.  Room.13 Bedrooms.3 Halls 3 Baths.  Living Room Dining room

back of house picture

back of house picture

Kitchen.  Gallerys an East-south.  The small House was G.B.s store.  Garages for 5 cars back of store.  The tall plants and poinsettias by my Bedroom windows.  Uncle Sam’s MailBox on the corner.  Our sighn is fastened to the tree.  “The Oaks” and do I Love these big trees?  so cool and nice in the summer.  Ferns around the tree at the corner also on each side of the walk from the south steps & the sidewalk.  They stay there all winter.

Amanda to C.E.& Vine


This is our Fence north of our House on our property.  We didn’t like the Looks of our neighbors Place.  A little of the fence shows in the picture of the House.  The fence is 6 feet high and clear to the side walk where the tall evergreen IMAG0213is .  That is the north east corner of the lot.  80 feet front by 180 length.  7 big trees.  and 1 pecan tree in front of the little cottage as you can see in the other picture. I had these pictures taken this way so I could have a good one of the pretty fence.  I had it built last April and I still Love to look at it.  Had beautiful wines on.  Come down and see what a lovely town we have here.  From Amanda to Charly & Vine




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Society Saturday – Find A Grave – Post flowers on your Ancestor’s Tombstone – Digitally

At our genealogy club meeting last month a gentleman in the group taught us the benefits and uses of  I use findagrave quite a bit to look up tombstone information but never realized all of the other great benefits to it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.16.40 PMFirst of all it is a free site, and always should be.  Jim Tipton started it in 1995 and ran it with the help of volunteers.  He wanted to keep it free and easy for people to use.  His hobby is visiting the graves of famous people.  And there is a whole section of famous graves on the site.  Recently bought it with the provision that is would remain free forever.

As a casual researcher you do not need to register or be a member to use  You just go to their site and search.  But he showed us the benefits of becoming a member.  It is free and a quick process.  Once you have registered you will be able to add photos and comments on online the grave markers.  You can sign up to search for tombstones and take pictures for people in the cemeteries near you.  You can upload tombstones and information yourself and become the caretaker for those tombstones.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.17.45 PMAnd you can add digital flowers and notes to the site.  I thought this was really neat as most of my ancestors are buried in other states and this way I can remember them on Memorial Day and the flowers and notes will stay online forever.  I am very excited to start contributing pictures, comments, flowers, and notes on  Memorial day is next week so I better get to work.

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Surname Saturday – Plummer and Banks

IMAG0180 Eugene R Plummer was the first husband of Olivia Anne Tracy.  He was born the 14th of February, 1854 in Indiana.  I have no information on who his parents were.  By 1880 he shows up in York, Nebraska as a boarder along with Lewis Weeks (who later married Rachel Tracy.  They were farmers living in the house of Aaron Wirt (sp?).  Eugene married Anne in 1882 and by 1885 he is a carpenter in York and they have a boarder of their own; U.S. Grant, photographer.  By the 1900 census he and Anne have moved to North Platte, Nebraska and he is working as a laborer. In the 1910 census they are in the same place, he is still a laborer and they have a boarder named Fred Gess.  Interesting note here, Anne notes that she has had 4 children, 0 surviving.  In 1920, they live in the same town but now Eugene is a salesman at Derbyshire and Forbes and they have 2 boarders living with them; Mabel Reynolds and Daisy Miller.  The 1921 City directory is what clued me in to which store he worked at and they owned a home at 114 S Sycamore in North Platte.  Eugene died October 19, 1922.  He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in York, Nebraska.


IMAG0177Olivia Anne Tracy Plummer married William Thomas Banks sometime between 1930 and 1935.  I haven’t found information on how and when they met but a newspaper article I read said they owned a store in North Platte before moving to Long Beach, California.  But the 1930 census shows Anne living in Long Beach as a widow – so they hadn’t married yet.   He is also living in Long Beach as a widow.  William was born 14 September, 1858 in Jasper County, Iowa to Moses and Elizabeth (Blair) Banks.  In 1881 he married Stella Combs and they had six children.  All six children were born in Nebraska, most of them in North Platte.  Stella died 20 April, 1923 in Los Angeles, California.  The family is renumerated there in the 1920 census. by 1935 William and Anne are married and living in Long Beach.  In 1940 they are living in the same place and William’s son William is living with them.  Mr. Banks died July 12, 1946 in California.  In a newspaper article about William and Anne’s fishing experience it says that William had 6 children, 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  And that was when he was 76.

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Wordless Wednesday – Olivia Anne Tracy Plummer

IMAG0175 IMAG0176

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Wordless Wednesday – Olivia Anne Banks

IMAG0183 IMAG0184

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