Tombstone Tuesday – Olivia Anne Tracy Plummer Banks

O.Anne Plummer and Eugene Plummer Tombstone - Greenwood Cemetery, York, Nebraska

O.Anne Plummer and Eugene Plummer Tombstone – Greenwood Cemetery, York, Nebraska

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Weeks – Surname Saturday

Rachel and Lewis Weeks

Rachel and Lewis Weeks

Rachel Rosanna Tracy married Lewis Perington Weeks in 1884 in York, Nebraska.  Lewis was born July 7, 1851 in New York (probably Athens, Greene County, NY) to Lewis and Clarissa Chesebrough Weeks.  They lived in Athens in the Catskills for the 1860 and 1870 census.  Lewis was the second son and his father was a farmer.  My 1880 Lewis is living as a boarder and farmer in York, Nebraska.  I don’t find any relatives living in York so I can only assume the availability of good farm land is what drew Lewis to the area.

Rachel and Lewis did not have any children of their own but they did adopt a girl, Katie (Hattie?) who lived with them as an adopted daughter in the 1900 census but not before and not after.  She was born in 1883.

Not much else is known about the Weeks family by me.  But I did find among Alice’s sources a copy of a telegram sent to the Tracy family on the day of Lewis’ death on July 4, 1902.

Telegram 1902

Telegram 1902

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Mystery Monday – Rachel Rosanna Tracy Weeks

0e2e5716-cc68-4fe4-89f9-edd658105b87I still have quite a few questions about Aunt Ray’s life.  The 1900 census renumerates Ray and Lewis owning a home in New York Township, York, Nebraska and living with them in the home are a daughter (adopted daughter Katie or Hattie) along with 11 boarders.  The boarders are all listed as being inmates of the poor farm.  This is when I really miss not having an 1890 census to help get a little background.  And Lewis died in 1902.

Katie (or Hattie) adopted daughter of Ray and Lewis Weeks.

Katie (or Hattie) adopted daughter of Ray and Lewis Weeks.

There is a picture of the adopted daughter but the picture and the 1900 census are the only information I have about Katie.  Where did she come from and where did she go? By 1910 Ray is living alone as a widow.  The 1900 census says she was born in May 1883.

And what was the story with the poor farm inmates/boarders?  I know that must be an interesting story and may require yet another trip to York, Nebraska to do some more research.

Also, I have not been able to locate Rachel on the 1920 census.  I believe she was either in York, Nebraska or perhaps she was in California.

Lew and Ray Weeks

Lew and Ray Weeks

But here is the information I do have on Rachel Ray Tracy Weeks.  She was born the 20th of May, 1859 in Harrison, Ross County, Ohio.  Rachel was the second child of John Edward and Maria Artlysia Boblet Tracy and by 1870 the family had moved to Mount Hope, McLean, Illinois.  By 1880 they were in York, Nebraska with a brief stop in Richland County, Nebraska.  She married Lewis Weeks in 1884 in York, Nebraska an here they lived until his death in 1902. By 1928 Rachel was living in Whittier, California.  She traveled him September 1, 1930 and died the night of her arrival at her nephew, Bryce Tracy’s home.IMAG0230

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Sunday’s Obituary – Rachel Rosanna Tracy Weeks

Mrs. Rachel Weeks Dies at End of Journey Home

Mrs. Rachel Weeks who reached the home of her nephew, Bryce Tracy southwest of York at seven o’clock Monday evening, was claimed by death some four hours later, closing her eyes on earthly scenes shortly after eleven o’clock.

In company with her sister, Mrs. Plummer, Mrs. Weeks, who has been in failing health for several months, made the long journey home from Whittier, California.  She was met at Grand Island by her relatives and taken to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Tracy, who had offered her their hospitality when they learned of her sickness some weeks ago.  When she greeted her family Mrs. Weeks said, “Now I know I shall get well.”  Her anxiety to return to the home her girlhood had sustained her during the journey, but the weakened body could no longer endure the strain.

Mrs. Weeks was the daughter of John and Maria Tracy who came to York county in the early ’70s and made their home on a farm southwest of York.  She grew to womanhood and was married to Lewis Weeks who preceded her in death a number of years ago.  After the death of her husband Mrs. Weeks went to California where she has been living in late years.  Funeral services will be held from the Methodist church on Thursday, probably in the afternoon.  Definite arrangements await the arrival of relatives from a distance.


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Wordless Wednesday – Aunt Ray with Nebraska Dry


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Amanuensis Monday – Rachel Rosanna Tracy Weeks

c060a807-8d58-454d-aa1d-50a9c71f6dd2 Aunt Ray, as my grandma always called her, is one of my favorite ancestors.  Her legacy is clear in my life.  It is from her, through my grandma, that I have my name.  She was a schoolteacher in a one room school as was my grandma.  I always dreamed of being a one room school teacher and believe I have achieved that to a degree as a Homeschool mom.  And she first owned the school bell which is the centerpiece of my bell collection, again through my grandma.

Recently, during my research at Alice’s, I came upon a letter that Aunt Ray wrote to her mother on the occasion of her mother’s second marriage.   It gives an interesting perspective on the marriage and I am sharing it here for Amanuensis Monday.


We understand in a roundabout way that you are married, despite your promises to me the evening of May 19, when I had that long talk with you.

Mother we can’t understand why you have treated us children in this way, in not telling us of this affair.  I know of no child that has objected to your marrying, providing you got a respectable man, one who would not be a disgrace to us or that you would have to support.  All the objections we have had to your doing this act was in marrying this North York man.  We certainly had good reasons for that.  Why don’t you come to see us as you have others.  You know we can’t get away now these busy times.  Oh! mother, mother, I can’t understand you.  Why have you and why will you treat us thus.  I don’t intend to do or say anything to you but what your husband should know, so please show him this letter.  I have a copy of it.

Ray R Weeks

July 16, 1900

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Surname Saturday – Talbot

272b2b69-2e37-480b-aa16-860ee0cdf977I have been writing about Mary Maria Tracy Talbot this week.  Today I will wrap up by writing what little information I have on the children of Mary Maria and James Fuller Talbot.

Annabelle Talbot Annabelle Talbot was born February 5, 1878 in Iowa.  She died at the age seven on August 31, 1885 in York Township in Iowa.

Charles Fuller Talbot was born November 17, 1879 in Iowa.  He married Ella sometime between 1900 and 1910 in Iowa.  They had a daughter, Irma in 1913 in Iowa.  Charles died in Des Moines, Iowa on April 6, 1935.

James Edward Talbot was born in Iowa City, Iowa on July 2, 1882.  He married Ella May Sherman between 1900-1910.  They had two daughters; Ruth L in 1907 and Irene in 1915.  James died in Iowa, July, 1962.

Walter GeorgeWalter George Talbot was the fourth child of James and Mary.  He was born June 10, 1887 in Iowa.  He married Grace Harris, October 1, 1908, in Iowa.  They had two children, Leslie Willard Talbot born October 1909 in Troy, Iowa and James Paul Talbot born Jun 24, 1916 in Williamsburg, Iowa.  Leslie married Madge and had children Beverly (1934) and Richard James (1945).  Leslie died in Iowa City on March 28, 1962.  James Paul died July 27, 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona.  He was enlisted in the army during WWII.  Walter George Talbot died in Shell Lake, Wisconsin on November 26, 1993 at the age of 106!Leslie Talbot

Clarence Earl Talbot was born in Iowa on November 8, 1892.   He married first Doris.  I believe they divorced sometime between 1920 and 1925.  He married Lydia M Armstrong Michaelson, December 31, 1925.  He had one stepson, Harold Almon Michaelson Talbot born June 1, 1917 in Des Moines, Iowa.  Harold died in Sidney, Iowa, January 19, 1996.  Clarence died January 1977 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Jennifer Talbot was born in Iowa in August of 1894.  She married Everett L James, December 27, 1915 in Jackson, Missouri.  She divorced him before 1920 and married Cecil M Corderre June 2, 1920 in Jackson.  I don’t have any further information on her after the 1920 census.

Esther G Talbot was born in Troy, Iowa, December 15, 1897. She was only about three months old when her mom died.  She married George K Long about 1916.  They had one daughter, Mary Elizabeth (1920-2007).  Between 1920 and 1930 the family moved to Palm Beach, Florida.  Esther died at the age of 90 on August 24, 1988 in Palm Beach.

And that concludes the seven children of Mary Maria Tracy Talbot.  Next week I will begin on the second daughter of John Edward and Mary Artlysia Tracy, Rachel Rosanna Tracy.

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